Ruby Blue Knits | Bend Oregon Photography

Ruby Blue Knits is a locally based business in Bend, Oregon. Sarah, who now considers herself a professional old lady, is the owner and knitter of these high quality, handmade knitted scarves, hats, leg-warmers, gloves and more!


Ruby Blue Knits is named after two very special Pit Bull's named Ruby and Blue. Blue, sadly passed away right before she opened shop. Since then, in honor of Blue, Sarah has an annual sell donating a portion of Ruby Blue Knits’ profits to BAPBR, who helps rescue Pit Bull Terriers and finds them good homes.


I, for one, am not a fan of being cold. I lived in Hawaii for several years because I couldn’t handle those climate conditions anymore.  However, I eventually married a Montana man and my escape from frigid winters was over!  I can say, with full confidence, that I am one of the biggest fans of Sarah’s work. All of her products are so warm and such great quality. My mom just had a friend of hers make me a hat and I had to say, “Sorry mom, I only wear Ruby Blue!”

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