California Couple Married in the Mountains of Montana | Bend, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Amber and Doug wanted to get out of LA, leave the big city behind to visit the mountains and experience what ranch life was like. What better place to do that than Standford, Montana, at the Hughes Mountain Ranch. Over several visits, becoming dear friends of the Hughes', and falling in love with the "magic of the ranch" and "cowboy life," they decided to celebrate their wedding there with their families and a few close friends.

A beautiful small ceremony facing endless scenery of fields, trees, and mountains.

Bend Oregon Summer Wedding_04.jpg

I love the simple yet elegant decorations of flowers, wooden chairs, and arch.

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A beautiful June day to celebrate a wedding.

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It's no wonder that Doug and Amber fell in love with Montana on their vacations from California!

Doug was completely awestruck when he saw Amber for the first time in her wedding dress.

Amber's grandpa did the honor of walking his granddaughter down the aisle. 

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Doug looked dashing in his blue groom suit and red bow tie.

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Amber's smile did not leave her face the entire wedding ceremony. You could tell she was in heaven. 

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Amber's sisters and brother were the bridesmaids and groomsman. You could see teary eyes on some of them as they watch their sister get married to her soulmate.  

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The exchanging of rings. 

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The bride and groom's first kiss as husband and wife. 

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Both the bride and groom are in absolute bliss walking back down the aisle officially married.

The bridal bouquet. 

Amber and Doug brought their three dogs all the way from California for the grand celebration.

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While the guests enjoyed cocktail hour, we went to the ceremony arch to capture a few more pictures with the picturesque Montana background.

Central Oregon Summer Wedding_28.jpg
Central Oregon Summer Wedding_29.jpg
Central Oregon Summer Wedding_30.jpg

Doug embraced full Montana style and wore his cowboy hat for some of their photos. 

Central Oregon Summer Wedding_32.jpg

I didn't know which Amber enjoyed more, Doug wearing the hat or ripping the hat off his head to pull him in for a kiss. 

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The reception appetizers were a beautiful array of meats, cheeses, and fruits.

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The best cake designers I've ever crossed paths, Crooked Tree Coffee and Cakes. They outdid themselves again by making this beautiful tree cake featuring carved heart and all. 

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A delicious strawberry and almond salad is served before the main course. 

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The dogs are enjoying the fresh Montana air and looked cute as ever in bowties. 

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The bride's mom and the groom decide on which amazing food to add to their plate first.

I was glad to have taken a few extra dog portraits of Frodo because he passed away a few months after the wedding. 

We love you Frodo.

Oregon Wedding Photographer_48.jpg

By far one of the best wedding vendor meals I have ever had. YUMMMM!!!  

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Toasts continued throughout the receptions as all guests had only wonderful and lovely things to say about the bride and groom.

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One of my favorite images of the entire wedding group because everyone is smiling and having a joyous time.

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Time to cut the wedding cake! 

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Wedding Photographer located in Oregon_56.jpg


Wedding Coordinator, Elena, had this cutting knife made for Amber and Doug with their names engraved on it.

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Amber made the most beauitful Montana bride.

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