Newborn Photographer Bend, Oregon | Schwake, Owen

There is nothing better than family that includes bundles of amazing extended family/in-laws/in-laws of family/friends that are basically family. And Jarred and Elisa are just that. Especially their perfect little addition, little Owen Bradley. 

As it turns out, 30 years ago in college, my mother was in a group of fun friends that included a gal named Jill, pictured with little Owen below. They lost touch and moved away, but 2 years later, they both happened to have sweet baby sons. And by baffling coincidence, 17 years after that, those sons became best friends. Three years later, those two sons married sisters! And three years after that, those sisters had their own baby sons, ON THE SAME DAY, within a half hour of each other!

Life throws it's great mysteries and colorfulness all around, baby Owen and his sweet self is the product of that.