Great Falls MT Engagement Photos

Clark and Kate Knowles | Engagement Shoot, Great Falls, MT

This lovely couple has become great friends with my husband and I. I photographed their wedding in August of last year. They wanted to postpone engagement photos till after the wedding because they wanted their special day to have their full attention. Postponing and just forgetting kept happening between both of us till one day they told us they wanted to go on an adventure and travel around the United States. Clark's job was moving to Georgia and they were going with them. We were sad, but very excited for them.

After a few more failed attempts of trying to make the photo shoot happen, we met two days before they were moving in the park for a BQQ. We took a few quick snaps before the mosquitos ate us alive, then surrounded ourselves with mosquito repellant candles and incense. The rest of the night we watched the most beautiful sunset, and enjoyed each others company before saying goodbye. 
Almost a year later since their wedding and these two look even more in love and happy. It was such a pleasure taking pictures of these lovely two. 

Miss you


Wedding Photographer Great Falls, MT