Great Falls Montana Family Photography

Reuel | Bend, Oregon and Great Falls, Montana Newborn Photographer

The Kunz family have been in my life for many years now. They were one of my first clients and we've gone from engagement, wedding, bridal and now maternity and newborn pictures of their son Reuel Joseph. He is a winter baby, meaning Amanda's maternity were too. The Kunz family and I got together in the middle of winter at the park in freezing snow and blistering negative temperature winds. We all drank hot cocoa and laughed pretending we were at the beach. 
Next, little Reuel was born and we did a short and newborn session capture their love for their new family member.

Maternity and Newborn Photography Bend, Oregon.
Maternity and Newborn Photography Bend, Oregon.
Maternity and Newborn Photography Bend, Oregon.
Maternity and Newborn Photography Bend, Oregon.
Newborn Photography, Mother and Son newborn Photos. Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer
Newborn Photography,  Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer
Newborn Photography,  Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer
Newborn Photography,  Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer

Shawn & Treyson | Family Portrait Session | Great Falls, Montana Portrait Photographer

Shawn and Treyson had a fun father and son portrait session in Black Eagle, Montana. Shawn and Treyson showed me some of their favorite spots to go on adventures together.  

I adore the matching converse these two are wearing! 

When your photographing a family session running is always involved. 

Treyson did an amazing job during the portrait session! 

piggyback rides and fall leaves are the best at family sessions.

Shawn and Treyson are huge fans of old cars, so we had to take some pictures with some! :D 

Montana Family Session photographer. 

Raybans during a photoshoot! :D 

These guys were dizzy after taking pictures on a spinning merry-go-round.

Great Falls, Montana Newborn Photography | Hale | Newborn Session of Asher

Ricky and Kristi are an amazingly sweet and generous couple and together they made their little miracle baby, Asher. He loves his big brother, to hear his mama sing, and the big scruffy kisses his dad gives him. I love this family and all that they encompass! I am so honored to be apart of all their family milestone sessions over the past couple of years.

Maternity Session in Giant Springs National Park Great Falls, Montana Keith + Mary

Keith and Mary have a special place in my heart. Keith and I worked together at a local coffee shop in downtown Great Falls, Montana. Crooked Tree! We became friends and it been such a blast watching their lives change in the last two years being friends. From Mary going through tough nursing school, buying a house, getting pregnant, adopting a puppy, and now are moving to Helena, Montana to be closer to family. I will miss them when they live, but I am so excited to share with you the session we finally made happen before they leave. 
Love you Keith, Mary and Crash... and now little Lukas. <3

I love how red crash is! He is the best dog with the best smile.

A sweet maternity session kiss.

My Favorite!!! 

They are too cute!!! 

I love black and whites with the winter snow in the background.

I am a huge dog lover, so taking your dog to your maternity holiday session is one of my favorite things. 

Family Holiday Session in Great Falls, Montana | Dansfiell Family

The Dansfiell family moved to Montana recently seeking beauty and adventure. They definitely came to the right place. It was very exciting doing their family holiday session. Their goals were to have fun and candid photos of them in the beautiful Montana. We went all around Great Falls taking picture in Giant Springs National Park, Rainbow Dam and more. 

Winter Holiday Session with fur vests! 

Mom and daughter twin fur vests! 

I love it when families are fun and playful during their sessions.

Winter Family Photography Great Falls Montana08.jpg

Family session in the winter in Great Falls, MT

Dad carrying sone 

Family sessions are one of my favorites! 

So much love right here.

One of my favorites! Dad with awesome hat carrying his son. What could be better.