Maternity + Newborn & Families

The journey of bringing a new life into the world is a wonderful and magical adventure that should be CELEBRATED!

- Maternity -

Maternity:  At Ariel Dawn Photography, our goal in a maternity session is to capture the precious moments before your bundle of joy arrives. Our sessions are designed to create an environment of fun, wonder and laughter while experiencing the first chapter of your child’s story.

We offer discounts when you book a maternity and newborn session together.

- Newborn -

Your little bundle of joy is at his or her littlest. Even after one week they change considerably. In the blink of an eye, your sleepy baby will be transformed into a wobbly toddler and then, into a running child. This is your opportunity to have them documented at this size. We suggest photographing a newborn within their first 10 days because they become more awake and wigglier as time passes.  You will want to have your photographer booked as soon as baby is born to make sure these limited moments are not missed. 

- Family - 

Life goes by so quickly. Don’t let seven years go by without having some beautiful, professional photos taken.  You and your entire family change so much from year to year. It's important to document milestones because before you know it, your 7-year-old daughter or son is going off to college. At Ariel Dawn photography we can create an environment for the entire family to have fun and feel comfortable during your family session.